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Russian for english speakers

Learn Russian in Russia

The Alingua Language School in Moscow opens opportunities to those who want to master the Russian language and to get the feel of the Russian cultural and emotional spirit. The Alingua Language School courses serve academic, leisure or business purposes. Our language school resorts to effective teaching methods and modern technologies in organising the educational process. Our school operates year round.

Individual courses

Individual classes prior to an assignment to Russia shall become the first step on the way to success. One-to-One courses are very intensive and require full concentration during class hours.

The exact content of any Individual course is determined by the teacher and student together. The student is offered to point out his/her sphere of interests in our online booking form, which allows us to assign teaching material, devise a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary.

One-to-one courses are available in varying degrees of intensity: 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 lessons per week. For 30 lessons or more the student is taught by a team of two teachers.

Individual courses can be booked the whole year round. The minimum course length is one week. On agreement, lessons can also be held on weekends.

Russian for Expatriates

The language needs of the international business communities of Moscow are quite specific and different from those of other language students. Expatriates shall enjoy an excellent opportunity to devote enough time to their Russian studies, either before or after working hours. Nevertheless, some working language experience of Russian is absolutely essential when living in Russia.

For this reason our courses are worked out with less focus on grammar, devoting more time to speech practice and listening comprehension.

Advantages of our school:

  • Our teachers are regularly assessed by our director of studies through a system of classroom monitoring, student feedback, professional development, taking international examinations.
  • We shall substitute one teacher for another on our student’s request.
  • Within Russia, we invoice in Rubles and accept payments either by credit card or via bank transfer. Alternatively, we can invoice our client’s training division at headquarters.
  • Our schools are fully licensed, which means that we operate strictly under the Russian tax legislation, and that course expenses are officially recognised costs.

All our courses are open to expatriates ; therefore we strongly recommend the following program, which is especially designed to balance work and study:

In-company training

For the In-company training we arrange classes at the student’s place of work, either individually or in small groups, which are formed according to the results of an assessment test. In-company training can be a series of individual or group lessons with changing participants. A course can consist of one or several lessons.

In order to test your abilities before getting started with learning Russian and to get acquainted with our individual programmes, you can book a free test lesson.

If you have questions on our programme of learning Russian, we shall answer all of them with pleasure:

Seven days a week from 8.00 to 22.00

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